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The 5 P's of Marketing

Marketing can be defined as; "Anything you do to make it more likely that people will choose your goods or services."

There are many potential marketing efforts that you can make as an individual or an organization. How do you know which will be the right move for you? Understanding how marketing works can be very helpful in allowing you to choose which marketing efforts you will invest your time, money and energy.

One of my favorite marketing books is Marketing for Dummies by Alexander Hiam. One very important concept he introduces is the 5 P's of marketing. Product, Placement, Price, Promotion, and People. If you think critically about your business you will find many opportunities that relate to improvements in these 5 P's.

I will share my thoughts on all 5 P's in some future posts. In the meantime, think about your personal marketing efforts, can you link your current efforts to these 5 categories? Are some of these P's, areas that you haven't yet considered?

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