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The One Person, Even Jeff Bezos Wants to Impress.

We all know that person, the person(s) who's opinion carries outsized importance in our life. Typically these people are family members.

Family members play important roles in our lives. They have birthed us, raised us, shared our experiences, and have helped shaped our beliefs & values.

Family Approval I'm no therapist, but I am pretty sure the reason that the opinion of the family is so important, is that we desperately want and need the approval of the people we love, appreciate and respect. Family members are often all three.

When starting a business or running a business, you will face adversity from all sides. Finding customers, developing business systems, competition, mishaps, and changes in the industry or economy are challenges every business needs to overcome.

In fact, the very premise of starting or running your own business is chaotic and not nearly as stable as a 9-5 job or career.

The support of family members can be the difference maker in your success.

Pushing Ahead However, if you don't get family support, do not be discouraged. Don't feel th