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The #1 Marketing Secret to Success.

Marketing is anything you do that will make it more likely for customers to choose your goods or services.

So go out, do, sell, ask and listen. Greenlight that website, run that ad, make that call, and print that brochure. The main thing is consistent movement.

Many businesses suffer from something scientists call "paralysis by analysis."

Business owners and founders agonize endlessly over every line of copy, contemplate one hundred shades of color for their logo and measure the weight of their fonts on a scale calibrated by the The National Institute of Standards and Technology.

There is indeed room to improve the design, and the better you execute your marketing efforts, the more successful they will be. However, you need to actually do something for there to be any success.

I speak to people who refuse to get started because their branding isn't "just right" or they are afraid that they don't look "professional" enough.

Here is the crazy fact, you don't even know where your customers set the bar for professional.

Maybe customers will buy from you, even if your logo isn't cutting edge or your product isn't perfect, or your pricing isn't on target, perhaps they won't. It is probably a 50%/50% each way.

But consider this, if you don't launch, the chance of people choosing you is 0%.

The great Wayne Gretzky says, "You miss 100% of the shots you never take."

The #1 secret to marketing is simple. Just MARKET!

Once you begin, you can always gather feedback and tweak the design, product, and pricing, (in fact that might be the smartest way to build a business but that's a whole 'nother blog post)

So go forth, market and prosper.

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