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How to Actually Make Money with your Marketing

March 22, 2019

This marketing seminar was hosted by Chesed of Lakewood. 

Below the video is a timeline that you can use to navigate to different portions of the seminar. Enjoy and make some money!



2:45 The Myth of Modern Marketing

8:52 Defining Practical marketing

10:18 Alternative reasons to advertise

12:05 The 5p’s

13:55 Branding- It's not what you think

24:33 Start with the Money

28:25 Total Addressable Market

30:04 Charge for Value, not Time

36:23 A guide to Practical Marketing

37:15 Find a Niche

40:00 There is a customer for everybody

42:40 Mine Customer Data

45:30 Validate your market

48:20  Customer profiles

52:06 PVP test

54:28 Pareto’s Principle

57:57 Targeted Marketing

1:00:06 Direct Response Marketing

1:03:57 Partnerships

1:08:00 Marketing Efforts that earn their keep

1:09:00 On Brand Marketing

1:11:06 The Marketers Job

1:11:59 Advertise Optimally

1:16:08 Now you know what marketing should look like

1:18:50 Keep the message simple

1:23:53 The Unique Selling Proposition- and why you need one

1:27:23 Add some drama to your ads

1:29:17 Solve the Problem

1:30:57 Design Tips

1:35:26 Call To Action

1:36:40 Advertising Mediums

1:38:42 Building a Channel

1:43:33 Iterate and Experiment

1:47:10 The importance of collecting feedback

1:47:45 The Sales Funnel

1:50:35 The #1 Secret to Marketing

1:52:07 Don’t Listen to the Haters

1:54:10 Treat your customers right

1:56:40 Simulate Customer Interactions

2:02:07 Give them what they want and what they need

2:04:55 Get referrals

2:06:18 Book for free


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