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How to Actually Make Money with your Marketing

This marketing seminar was hosted by Chesed of Lakewood.

Below the video is a timeline that you can use to navigate to different portions of the seminar. Enjoy and make some money!

2:45 The Myth of Modern Marketing

8:52 Defining Practical marketing

10:18 Alternative reasons to advertise

12:05 The 5p’s

13:55 Branding- It's not what you think

24:33 Start with the Money

28:25 Total Addressable Market

30:04 Charge for Value, not Time

36:23 A guide to Practical Marketing

37:15 Find a Niche

40:00 There is a customer for everybody

42:40 Mine Customer Data

45:30 Validate your market

48:20 Customer profiles

52:06 PVP test