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Get a Business Chavrusah!

Shouldn't you be Doing Better?

You know what you need to do to make your business pop, get more customers, or improve your product and service, so why aren't you doing it?

You know you should call that lead, follow up on that invoice, update your website and expand that product line- so what is taking so long?

Consistency is the Key

For business large and small, consistency is the key to success. In large teams, there is always someone having a good day and moving the business forward and when everybody is rowing in the same direction, well then that is when truly amazing things happen.

But when your business is smaller team, (or maybe just you) it is hard to remain consistent, persistent, and focused.

The Business Chavrusah

A good solution for getting outsized results from a small team is to add some more manpower. Get yourself Business Accountability Manager who will volunteer to keep you focused. Your BAM can be anyone who is committed to your success, a friend or family member will do nicely.

Your BAM will help you stay consistently focused on your task and business objectives, allowing you to get the results you want. The best type of BAM is a two-way partnership where you partner with another business person and hold one another accountable.

Make A List Each morning send a checklist of 2-3 essential high-priority items to your partner along and hop on a 5- minute call to explain the significance of each item on the list.

Check it Twice Have your BAM check in with you at noon and at 5pm.

Naughty or Nice If you have addressed your tasks that is great, you are another step closer to success. If you have not, your BAM will hold you accountable by reminding you of the importance and impact these tasks will have on your business.

Experiment with different checklists and different check-in times that work for your business.

Each day your efforts will snowball, and your business will go BAM!

Photo by from Pexels

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