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So What is “Branding” Anyways?

You are trying to start a business or take things to the next level, and all you hear from every creative, friend, and partner is, "you need to have great branding," or "we need to rebrand."

But what exactly is Branding?

In our search for getting a handle on Branding, the dictionary's definition of Branding does not get us very far at all.

Let's take a deeper dive.

Advertising, ad copy, labeling, packaging, displays, tv spots, billboards, online ads, and any other promotion that you see from companies is all done in the name of Branding.

But ultimately is the outward appearance of the product the Branding? Are the ads and the way the service pitched the real motivators in changing or shaping 'people's perception of the brand?

The simple answer is "yes," but there is a lot more to Branding than external look.