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The Sales Funnel food chain

Are you part of a larger sales funnel?

Often our products and services are linked to others.

Here is a common story that illustrates how this works.

An attorney from Chicago gets a job offer in NYC. He moved to NYC and rents an apartment. After 18 months he decides to buy a house. He buys a house and a moves into his new home.

This attorney will needs, movers, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, and many other products and services to go from living in Chicago to moving into his new home in New York

The mover get his customer after the real estate broker get hers and the real estate broker gets her customer after a apartment leasing broker gets his and the leasing broker gets his customer after the recruiter gets his.

Each one of this interactions is linked and each prior sale has the potential to make a hot direct referral to the next business wit