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The Bullseye is Worth the Most Points

Every organization has limited resources.

Precious commodities like time, money and energy are often in short supply in the largest companies and it is certainly case of your small or midsize business.

How can you make sure that you are applying as many resources as possible to reach your most valuable customers?

In general, you can rank the value of your customers by volume and buyer intent.

The audience of most businesses can be described as a bullseye.

The outer black area is the largest, but offers the lowest point value and represents the general public, while there is tremendous potential as the general public has a lot of people it isn't very likely they will become paying customers.

The white section represents an audience who is interested in what you have to sell but aren't ready to buy just yet or people who are interested in buying but can only buy a small amount of what you sell. There are fewer people in this section but they are a lot more valuable.

The last and smallest section is the red center section otherwise known as the bullseye. This group is by far the smallest group but boy are they valuable! The people in this group are very eager to buy what you sell or they have the potential to buy large amounts from you.