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Turn your Customers into Sales People: The Power of Referrals

I recently spoke at an OJC event in Lakewood, and we discussed some concrete steps you can take to turn your customers into sales reps.

You can spend your entire career hunting new customers and chasing leads, or you can be a farmer and develop a stable of customers that send you business. The choice is up to you.

The first step to becoming a customer farmer is to know who your customers are. Make sure you have a list, it can be on paper, a CRM, or a spreadsheet but you must have a usable record of your customers so you can actually contact them and ask them to act on your behalf, track their behavior and anticipate their needs.

The second step is really understanding your customers, make it a habit to ask some variation of these questions that make sense in the context of your business.

Why did you buy it?

Why did you buy it from me?