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Product Power

Make your work do the work!

One of the most universal P's of marketing is Product (A.K.A. Service). You can make it more likely for people to choose you by investing in, developing or simply promoting elements of your product (or service).

Most products can be bisected into two areas;


For example you can develop a product with unique features. (A cell phone with a built in projector).


For example you can talk about the how great it will be to save time and money by not having to set up an expensive projector at every family gathering. One soft often overlooked addition to your product is the


Your phone might be the same as the others (no built in projector, sorry), but if the packaging is super sleek or each phone is delivered via autonomous drone, that will elevate the thing you sell. For those in the service business the experience is even more important.

Ask yourself these questions- How can I improve my product's features? What benefits will my consumer enjoy? In what way can I elevate the experience.

These questions are a feedback loop that will help you market existing features as well as develop new ideas. Have a successful New Year!

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