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Google Your Business: Put the World's Greatest Search Engine to Work for You!

Google My Business is a service that allows you to literally put your business on the map. This service is easy, free, powerful, and best of all only takes a few minutes to set up. Let's talk about the benefits and then discuss how to actually sign up.

Google My Business Search Results

Once you have your business verified by Google you will get many business benefits. For example; let's look at Toyota World of Lakewood

In addition to the typical text results on the left, Toyota World of Lakewood shows up on the right with a very dramatic information card with reviews, directions, and ratings. This is very useful to any business looking to gain an edge online.

Toyota World Lakewood

Google Reviews

A major benefit of having a verified business on Google is the ability to get reviews. If you customers are happy, now they can let everyone know.

A family member of mine asks for reviews from all of his customers and has gotten quite a bit of business, because of his excellent Google business rating.